Sauternes – an early Christmas delight

By October 23, 2019


The Sauternes 50 index – a notoriously slow market mover – has risen 4.6% over the past three years. The broader Bordeaux 500 index has gone up 12.6% over the same period.

So far this year, Bordeaux’s fortunes have been mixed. Within its sub-indices, the Right Bank 50 has dipped the most (-3.1%), closely followed by the Sauternes 50 (-2.5%).

None of the Sauternes 50 constituent wines have made gains in the past year. As the chart below shows, Climens has fallen the most (-8.0%), while Suduiraut the least (-1.8%). Yquem, which recently released its 2017 vintage, has also dipped 7.3%.

The Sauternes story is not one of investment potential – especially when compared to the development of the broader market. But the sweet wines of Bordeaux continue to hold an allure to buyers, promising great quality (supported by broad critical acclaim) and representing the most affordable entry point into the fine wine market. And with the festive season upon us these honeyed treasures of Bordeaux are guaranteed to delight.


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