Keeping Wine Cool

Looking to store your wine in optimal conditions? 

We are lovers and collectors of wine too, and we know what’s required to keep your collection in great condition.  Our secure, climate controlled private wine cellars are centrally located in Auckland; offering peace of mind that your investment is protected in one of the best wine offsite storage locations in New Zealand.  For a few gold coins per bottle, you can rest assured that your wine is stored in a purpose built, secure private cellar, ready for you to access at any time that suits you.

Here’s a few good reasons why we think you should store with us …


Built and managed by wine collectors for wine collectors

Constant climate control

Specifically designed for long-term wine storage

State of the art equipment

24/7 access in central Auckland location

Simple fees with no hidden hooks

Range of configurations to suit your needs

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Our Storage Environment


Wine is a sensitive creature, somewhat like Goldilocks.  If the temperature is too cold, maturation can be stunted.  Too hot, and the wine can age prematurely. Too variable, your wine will be in utter shock.  That’s why our cellar is set between 12°C – 13.5°C – the desired range for storing wine.


Our clients have diverse wine collections and many premium wines have cork closures. By keeping our humidity between 60% to 70%, our conditions will be just right to keep corks from drying out, but not wet enough to cause damp.



We carefully selected a free-standing building with a solid concrete floor as the foundation of our custom fit out.  We’re close enough to main roads for ease of access, and a perfect distance from the train tracks to avoid any unnecessary shake, rattle and roll.


Our main lights are automatic, so they are only on when you are in the Wine Storage Room tending to your collection. All private cellars are naturally dark with ventilation to reduce any chance of damp or musty smells.  Of course, we do have emergency lighting for your personal safety, but it’s nothing that will impact the quality of your collection.


To keep your investment safe, our Wine Storage Room is fitted with state-of-the-art security.  Our secure entry requires you to have both your individual fob and PIN to enter the main building and then the cellar. Our CCTV systems are in the cellar and around the entire building.  24/7 monitoring and infrared detectors provide that extra peace of mind that your wine is safe with us.



Our climate-controlled conditions are perfect for long term wine storage. Our system has 100% redundancy as we use two refrigeration units. If there is ever a problem with one refrigeration unit, the other will take the load.  This means that our system will continue to operate even during periods of regular maintenance.

Energy Reliability

Problem with the mains power supply?  Not for us.  We’re wired so that a three-phase generator can be plugged in should the need arise.

We’ve loved wine for a long time – here’s some of the other things we can do for you:  Our Services.

The Wine Storage Room – FAQ’s


Will my wine be properly stored?

Our wine cellar is designed to keep your wines at a stable cool temperature, away from light and vibration. Perfect for long term wine storage.

How secure is your facility?

The Wine Storage Room is fitted with CCTV in both the cellar and around the entire building. You will be issued with a personalised fob and PIN to enter the wine vaults. It’s monitored 24/7 and your own private wine cellar will require your own personal padlock.

Where is your wine storage located?

We’re located in Auckland’s city fringe Eden Terrace. 16 Virginia Ave East.  Click here for directions.

How do I access The Wine Storage Room?

You have 24/7 access to add or take your wines at your convenience. Our secure entry requires you to have both your individual fob and PIN to enter the main building. Your own personal padlock will secure your wine vault (so you’ll need to remember your key/code too).

How are the private cellars configured?

We have five different sizes to cater to different collections.  The majority of the private cellars are wide and shallow, ensuring you have ease of access to all of your collection.


How can I pay?

Direct debit is preferred but we do accept Visa and Mastercard. Please note credit card payments will have an additional 3% charge by the credit card merchant.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my wine outside business hours?

Yes, absolutely!  You never know when the need to grab that special bottle may arise. The Wine Storage Room gives you access 24/7 with a personal fob and PIN system. All vaults are secured with your own personal padlock.

Will your staff have access to my private cellar?

No, we do not have access to your private cellar.

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