All bidders must be at least 18 years old to participate in our auctions.


How do I register / create an account?

Online / Absentee bidding: If you already have a Wine Auction Room account, use the “Log In” section using the Username and Password that you registered with.

If you do not already have an Wine Auction Room account simply click ‘Register to Bid’. First time bidders will be asked to ‘Create Account’ to get started. You will be guided through adding other necessary details. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an activation email containing a link. Click on the link to activate your new account to bid at The Wine Auction Room, and login using your new details (It is possible that the activation email may end up in your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder so please check if you think you haven’t received our notification.)


In the room: Our wine auction team will help you register when you enter The Wine Auction Room. First time bidders please bring photo ID.


Phone bidding: Contact our wine auction team directly to help you register for the auction. Don’t leave it too late as arrangements for this service must be confirmed AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR to the wine auction commencing.

How do I register to bid in a particular auction?

Each auction is a unique event. Even if you have participated in an auction with us in the past, you will need to register to receive a bidder number for each upcoming auction that you would like to bid in.


You will need to be logged in to register for an auction.


You can register to bid in an auction either from the Auctions page, Catalogue Page or from the Lot page of the item you are interested in.


Just click the ‘Register to Bid Live’ button.


Ensure you read through the Terms and Conditions, check the ‘I agree’ box, and click the ‘Confirm’ button.


You will receive a confirmation email when you are registered for the auction.

How do I place a bid?

Online bidding (and Absentee Bidding): To bid in our online only auctions, you will need to be logged in and registered for the auction.


Visit the online catalogue, then browse or search for lots on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can place a single bid on a lot either on the catalogue page or from the lot details page by entering the amount you wish to bid and clicking the “Place Bid” button. You will be asked to confirm your bid and receive an email notification that your bid has been placed.


You can place multiple bids within an Auction from the catalogue page by entering your bid amount in the box provided and clicking the “Place Multiple Bids” button at the bottom of the catalogue listing page.


You will be asked to confirm your bids and receive an email notification that your bids have been placed.


Live Online Bidding: Check the date and start time of the auction and make sure you are online at the correct time. You will need to be logged in and registered for the auction in order to bid live.


Once the sale has started you will see a link at the top of the catalogue page and also on any of the Lot Detail pages for that Auction. Click this link to launch the live bidding platform. If you do not see this link and the auction should have started, try refreshing the page.


To place a bid in the live Auction, make sure you are aware of the current asking price simply press the “Bid Now” button where the asking price is displayed. The system will show if you are the high bidder or if you are outbid.


Online bids are processed in real time so you must be listening well and ready to push “Bid Now” or you might miss out.


Phone bidding is by prior arrangement. Contact our wine auction team directly to help you register for the auction. Don’t leave it too late as arrangements for this service must be confirmed AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR to the wine auction commencing.

How does bidding work?

All bids are per bottle (excepting sets), not per Lot. For example, if you make a bid of $10 per bottle on a Lot that contains 12 bottles you are making a total bid of $120. All prices are in New Zealand dollars.


Bidding is per bottle and you must take the entire lot on offer unless the auctioneer states otherwise.

What is an Absentee bid and how does it work?

If you are unable to attend the wine auction on the night, you can place a bid with us as to the maximum you are prepared to pay for the lot(s) you are interested in (this value excludes the Buyers Premium). If others are bidding against you, we will progress your bid in the pre-set bidding increments. By law we can only take your bid to the maximum that you have set.


Absentee bids can be placed online before the auction. Follow the instructions in the previous question “How do I place a bid?”


If you prefer, we can accept a written absentee bid. Please ensure written bids are provided to [email protected] AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR to the start of the wine auction. Please note unlimited or “Buy” bids will not be accepted.

How will I know if I have been outbid in an online only auction?

If you have placed bid on a lot within an online only auction and receive an email that you have been outbid, this means that another bidder as placed a higher bid on the same lot.


This gives you the opportunity to increase your bid and still have a chance of winning that lot. This can be done in the “My Items” section.


If you do not want to increase your bid, you might consider bidding on a different lot in the Auction.

How can I see the items that I am bidding on?

Logged in bidders can keep track of your bids at any time by clicking on the “My Items” link at the top of the page.


You will also be able to see if you are the current high bidder on that lot.

What software will I need to participate in the online auctions?

For the best bidding experience, we recommend using Google Chrome browser. The Adobe Flash plugin lets you hear and see Flash audio and video content on Chrome on your computer.


We’ve also included in the list below the various options available to ensure you can participate in the live online auctions.


Operating Systems


  • Windows 7 and higher, or Mac OS X 10.9 and higher
  • Enable Adobe Flash and JavaScript enabled (if using Internet Explorer, turn off Compatibility View Mode)


Preferred Browser Options


  • Google Chrome – Version 40 and higher (Mac or Windows)
  • Firefox – Version 40 and higher (Mac or Windows)
  • Microsoft – Internet Explorer 10 or 11.x
  • Microsoft Edge version 32 and higher
  • Apple Safari (on Mac only) version 10.x
Is there a fee for bidding?

Successful buyers shall pay to The Wine Auction Room a buyer’s premium of 17.5% of the hammer price plus GST on the premium.

How will I know if my bid has been successful?

Successful bidders will receive an invoice from The Wine Auction Room at the conclusion of the auction period. Please note that Live Auctions may have a ‘buy now’ component on the day subsequent to the live wine auction.

What is a “Buy-Now” offer?

Following a live wine auction some items may remain unsold. These items will be offered for a set price online for a fixed period of time. These will be presented as a “buy-now” offer. By selecting the “buy-now” offer, you agree to pay the price stated per bottle. Please note a buyer’s premium of 17.5% of that price plus GST on that premium will apply.

What payment methods does The Wine Auction Room accept?

Payment can be made by Cash, Bank Cheque, Credit Card, or Money Transfer. We accept Visa and MasterCard for all wine purchases with an addition of 3%. Payment must be cleared prior to collection of wine and is due within five days of the completion of the wine auction.

How do I collect my won items after the wine auction?

To collect your wine purchases from The Wine Auction Room, please contact the team at least 24 hours prior to your preferred collection time. Payment must be cleared prior to collection of wine.

How will I receive my purchase if I live outside of Auckland?

We are happy to arrange freight on your behalf.  We will pack your wine with care at our cost to protect your purchase as best possible whilst in transit.  Once we have a quote for your full shipment we will add this charge to your invoice using the shipping address you have provided at time of registration.  We pass this cost directly to you and do not add any additional administration charges.  Of course, we are also happy to work with your preferred carrier – once we have received payment for your purchases, just let us know when the order will be collected and by whom.

How will I receive my purchase if I live outside of New Zealand?

We are happy to work with your preferred freight forwarder in New Zealand or we can direct you to our preferred international freight forwarder.  We will work with this freight forwarder to ensure your product is available in time for shipping once we have received payment for your purchases.  The local and international freight charges will be included on your invoice at cost.

How do you pack orders for courier delivery across New Zealand?

We invest in packaging specific for wine deliveries.  This polystyrene packaging protects the wine as best possible against bumps, grazes and warmer temperature at our cost.  Your order is secured with packaging tape clearly stating it is a fragile order and needs to be handled with care.  Whilst we search for a more eco-friendly alternative, we have been advised that this product can be recycled.  Of course it can also be repurposed for other deliveries or even storage of your purchase for additional insulation.

Why do you use polystyrene packaging for courier shipments?
We’ve selected polystyrene packaging as it protects the wine as best possible against bumps, grazes and warmer temperature.  We’ve selected this particular product as it incorporates recycled materials into new products (meaning less resources are used).  The product is 100% recyclable, so if you prefer not to repurpose this packaging, you can find a recycler in your community here.
Is there an alternative packaging option for courier shipments?
We are currently working with a carton manufacturer to design a packaging solution that offers the same protection for your wine purchases.  This option can be recycled in your usual curb side collection.  Once we have a solution in place, we will offer those customers who receive courier deliveries the option of packaging solutions.
How can I see a high resolution image of the bottle shot in the auction?

The image in the auction is at the highest resolution possible for loading onto the website.  If you are interested in a specific lot, and need more information, please contact us directly.  We are always happy to provide you with our professional opinion on any item.  Condition reports are available for all lots and must be requested more than 3 days prior to the auction commencing.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with my purchase?

Buyer beware applies to all our auctions. All wines are carefully checked, catalogued and photographed by our wine experts prior to consignment. We also provide relevant wine ratings and descriptions so that you can bid with confidence.


Why would I use an auction house to sell wine privately?

Using a wine auction house to sell your wines opens your offering to an extensive database. As an example, at The Wine Auction Room, we sell wine to buyers all over the world. Auction houses also take the hassle out of these high involvement purchase decisions.


At The Wine Auction Room we accompany your well-cellared wines with tasting notes from several world renown critics. This helps our buyers make informed decisions about your wines and to get the best possible price for them. Then there’s all the other stuff that you don’t necessarily think of such as liquor licences, insurance, temperature-controlled storage, packaging and freight.


So if you’re looking to sell wine privately, think about the value that an auction house can provide. Call us some time if you want to chat about your collection.

Why should I sell through The Wine Auction Room?

When selling with The Wine Auction Room you have access to over 30 years of wine industry experience and a proven track record of delivering results for our Vendors.


We curate our auctions carefully to ensure we showcase your wine collection in the best possible way and deliver it on a fit-for-product auction platform. There is no obligation when you talk with us at The Wine Auction Room and we know our premiums are competitive for all that we offer. Our online platform makes it easy to see near-real-time results or we can provide you with a personal service if you prefer.

How do I sell through The Wine Auction Room?

Contact our Wine Experts for a free appraisal of the wine you wish to sell. Our wine experts will provide a detailed consultation and wine auction estimates based on experience and research.

What are the fees for selling through The Wine Auction Room?

A Vendor’s Premium is applied to all sales through The Wine Auction Room. The Vendors’ Premium is an agreed percentage of the hammer price plus GST on the premium.

How and when will I get paid for my sold items?

The Wine Auction Room’s normal terms require buyers to pay promptly after the completion of the wine auction. Our endeavour is to remit the net proceed of wine sale to you within 10 working days of the end of the wine auction. If we have not received payment from the buyer at this time, we will contact you to make appropriate arrangements.

I’ve had many great experiences in selling wines through the auction process. To isolate any isn’t easy but here are a couple of examples.
  • A young man came to my office one day a little bit distraught as one of his friends had opened a bottle from his father’s cellar and he needed to replace said bottle but couldn’t find that particular vintage anywhere in retail. We, my chance, had one so all was saved. The delight on his face absolutely made my day and the fact he could replace his father’s bottle made his.
  • Not everyone gets to have the experience of drinking wine that has been well cellared. This is an old stat but is still probably close to the truth – 90% of all wine sold in retail is consumed within 24 hours. Buying pre-cellared wines can give one the opportunity to drink wine when it is at its best for drinking. Not all of us have the space to have our own cellars so being able to purchase wines from someone else’s gives us this opportunity.
  • The reason I got into the wine industry in the first place was my love of wine and that hasn’t changed – I’m a buyer too. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with friends and opening a bottle of wine that really excites them. The more people I can turn onto different wines the better. The world of wine is there to taste and enjoy as many as possible, drinking the same wine day after day, year after year to me is not exposing oneself to the true delights of wine.
How can I view progress of the items I’m selling?

Please select the relevant auction from the Auction Room page.  You will need to log in with your username and password, then select “My Items”.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to buy a private wine collection?

The best way to buy a private wine collection is through a wine auction (unless, of course you know someone selling their own!). The beauty of buying wines from someone else’s cellar is that they have a few years under their belt and are either in their drinking plane or approaching it.


The Wine Auction Room can value / appraise your collection … this is how it works
Wine appraisal for auction purposes is at no charge at The Wine Auction Room. We appraise your wines and accompany them with tasting notes and critics scores to help promote your wines and give buyers all the information possible to make informed decisions on your wines.


We also offer wine valuations for insurance purposes or if you just want to know what your wine cellar is worth. At The Wine Auction Room there is a fee for this service, and if you wish, we are happy to accompany this wine appraisal with critics scores, tasting notes and advise on drinking windows.


The role of the auction house to sell your wine
One of the difficulties in selling your own wines is that if you want to go to the greater market you do need to be licenced to sell your wine. A simple transaction between friends is easy and doesn’t require a licence. If you want to access a bigger group of potential buyers to maximise the selling price of your wine, The Wine Auction Room can help. We are licensed, have deep knowledge and wine experience and our database reaches purchase all over the world.

Do you sell NZ Red wine collections?

We have a number of wines that people are always looking for. From New Zealand the likes of Te Mata Coleraine and Stonyridge Larose as Cabernet/Merlot based wines always have big followings and will enhance anyone’s cellar. New Zealand is getting an international reputation for our Pinot Noirs and we always have buyers looking for aged Pinots from the likes of Felton Road, Fromm, Ata Rangi, Valli, Dry River.


The ability to buy these wines when they already have a few years under their belt is exciting for followers of these wines. We have also been noted internationally for our Syrah’s and there are many great wines in the marketplace such as Craggy Range, Trinity Hill from Hawkes Bay and Passage Rock and Man ‘o War from Waiheke to name but a few always get the taste buds flowing with buyers.


We’re always keen to feature these wines in our auctions if you are looking to sell some of these great NZ reds, give us a call. If you’re a buyer, keep your eye out for our catalogues in our upcoming wine auctions.

Someone gives me a gift certificate from The Wine Auction Room, what can I do with it?

When you participate in any of our auctions, your successful bid(s) will be covered up to the value of your gift certificate.


Here’s a few notes to help you on your way:


  1. The certificate may be used on item and fees, in online and live auctions
  2. Your certificate is valid for 12 months from the date written
  3. Your certificate may not be exchanged for cash
  4. Change will not be given if your total spend value less than the face value of the certificate
  5. To use your certificate, you will need to register with our auctions, then log on to bid
  6. If your bid(s) are unsuccessful, fear not, as we have auctions almost every month
  7. You can bid as often as you like however the voucher may only be redeemed once for up to the face value written on the certificate.
Why is The Wine Auction Room a member of WineFraud.com?

Our membership to WineFraud.com ensures that we are up to date with breaking international news of wine thefts, bad sources of wine and discovered frauds.  Wine provenance is dear to our heart which is why we are New Zealand’s first  accredited member of WineFraud.com.

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All bidders must be at least 18 years old to participate in our auctions.