Report on our August Rare and Fine Wine Auction

Our August online auction has been another success for The Wine Auction Room.

With close to 4000 views of the auction and some fierce bidding on a few of the lots we have some very happy buyers and vendors. As always there was wine for all palates and wallets to prove that buying in wine auctions is a great way to buy wine.

Highlights from the auction included an extensive collection of the Waiheke wine Destiny Bay which is seldom seen in the secondary market. Burgundy lovers were blessed with a wonderful array of both white and red Burgundy covering many vintages and price-points. Rhone too had some great wines especially from the likes of Clos des Papes (a personal fav) across a couple of vintages. Bordeaux also had some great wines and great value wines and there will be some very happy buyers there but the highlight for me was the amount of Armagnacs that were available. We don’t often see these so it was great to have the amount available that we did.

We were very pleased with the quality of wines we had and the quality of cellars they came from. It is always very difficult to make sure that wines we get have been cellared correctly but we are finding that many of our vendors have spent the time and money investing in either passive cellars or purpose built temperature controlled cellars. We do turn down some of the wines we are offered to auction due to their condition or because they have not been cellared in a way that will be appropriate to storing long-term (or indeed short-term!).

If anyone wants to know about any of the wines we are auctioning please don’t hesitate in giving us a call as we will be brutally honest.

There are wines still available from this auction so if there was a wine that you were interested in we are happy to sell to you at their reserves. Just give us a call or send an email with your request.

Next auction will be 25th– 30thSeptember with consignments closing Friday 21stSeptember.