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Lockdown libation also a fine investment

When good sources of returns are hard to find, a tipple can be a compelling haven asset. The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 index has proved resilient in troubled times.

Despite the headwinds of 2020 – tariffs, Brexit uncertainty and the global pandemic – the wine market has remained robust.

So, why are we seeing such increased confidence in the wine market? One well-documented explanation is that investors are seeking to put their money into safer assets in these uncertain times. Historically, fine wine has offered steady returns and low volatility. Another explanation is that there are simply more market participants than ever before. The number of wine businesses trading on Liv-ex has increased 15% in 2020 alone. This increase in members reflects a growing trend since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold – businesses are looking for web-based solutions to grow their sales.

One such solution is trading automation. Trading automation makes it easier for merchants to list stock for sale, exposing their diverse inventory to an ever-growing marketplace. Regions that once struggled to find a secondary market have been benefitting from the shift to online sales, particularly as lockdowns have closed much of the physical retail. Through APIs, stockholders have been able to list and advertise various wines to a far greater audience, as merchants have connected their customers to this ever-broadening market. Subsequently, wine merchants and private collectors have been able to find less well-known wines from a greater range of wine regions.

Despite an early swoon as the first lockdown took place, the fine wine market would seem to be in a relatively healthy place today. As a tangible, finite asset, it offers stability in a volatile world. It also of course offers a great deal of pleasure for imbibers who are locked down and deprived of their usual wining and dining! And importantly technology, as in so many sectors, has helped merchants from across the globe, to adapt, making wine more accessible and more exciting to all with an interest in it. Combined, these three things have put the wine market on a firm footing in 2020. (extract from Liv-ex November 18, 2020 ).


Wine Hunting in La-La Land

“If there’s one quality people look for in investments it’s dependability and wine doesn’t come much more dependable than the stuff that comes from the Rhône.

That’s pretty much the gist of a report released this week by Liv-ex, the fine wine trading platform, which noted that the region has enjoyed a steady, if unspectacular, rise in interest among merchants and investors.” – Wine-Searcher

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Our diamond in the rough

In November 2019 we were thrilled to access our new lease.  Formerly the rehearsal pit for iconic Kiwi band Six60, it didn’t have a huge amount of gloss but we knew we could turn it into exactly what we were wanted; the perfect space for Keeping Wine Cool.

Establishing our new specialist service was always going to be an adventure, but the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic saw the adrenaline of project deadlines replaced by the anxiety of uncertainty as manufacturers shut down their plants for lockdown.

Yes, at one stage we had a forest of galvanised poles ready and waiting for final fit-outs, proving to be a couple of colourful months.  Almost every element inside our Eden Terrace site is bespoke. Lockers are constructed from a combination of both perforated and solid steel, to make sure we got the maximum airflow. We also have the built-in back-up capability so that if anyone piece of equipment fails, or there’s a power cut, we’ve got it covered and can maintain a constant, perfect environment.

*We only used top quality materials to build our vault.

The high-tech temperature and humidity control — it’s vital to keep wine at between 60 and 70 percent humidity, a perennial challenge in New Zealand — was designed by the same company that provides refrigerated systems for hospital pharmaceuticals. A two-factor security system with 24-hour, high-definition CCTV, and infrared sensors complement custom security grilles made by a company that provides prison systems. The envelope has allowed for 47 private wine lockers ranging from 1 to 17 cubic metres — and a 3.4 m³ locker holds 1,200 bottles while the largest stores a whopping 6,700.

A point of difference is an uncommonly wide, shallow locker design that means when you open the doors to your locker, everything is in front of you and you don’t have to waste time or risk breakages by digging around for one particular coveted bottle of wine.

We’ve put a lot of thought into the community that goes with the wine and clients have already spilled over from the wine auction scene.  One thing is for sure, we know we’re not going to be talking to the walls all day!


Our bunch of Oenophiles

We are thrilled with the space we’ve created – not just for ourselves, but for our wonderful customers to enjoy. You will oft hear us say, “we’re wine people, for wine people” and aim to live into this commitment daily.

That’s why our boardroom is a perfect stunt double for a tasting room – a place where our customers are welcome to sit and enjoy a glass from your cellar with your friends.  Simply let us know when you’d like to use it and we’ll make sure everything is ready for you.

From time to time we will also offer wine specials– keep an eye out for our emails and let us know the products that you’re keen to explore to help us shape the best offer for you.

With luck, we will enjoy 2021 with relative freedoms (in comparison to this year at the very least) which means we will be able to host small events from time to time.  This will give you all the chance to get to know each other and trade enviable stories of wine discovery.

As we grow and shapeshift – we hope that you all can catch up and create great times together.


In vino, veritas.

The Wine Storage Room

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